Luxury Initial Interior Design Consultation

What it includes:

We will spend up to 60 minutes with you at your home, in however many rooms you desire. We begin by listening to your specific needs, learning about your personality and style, and determining how to best serve you within your budget. 

During the site visit, we will walk through the project space(s), photographing "before" shots, examining the current structures, and discussing optimal construction and design ideas. 

Afterward, a comprehensive spec sheet is created, outlining discussed project elements, giving cost estimates, and providing a general timeline for construction.

How to prepare:

We want to utilize our time together wisely, giving you the most out of the hour we have.  Please prepare by doing the following:

  • When we get together, we want to see your space as clutter free as possible { for those 'before' pictures } and how you use your home daily. 
  • Provide us with pictures of designs you like, and tell us how you would like to use each space in the future.
  • Have discussions with those involved in the investment of your home BEFORE we arrive. If you aren't totally sure about how much you want to invest, that's okay - but having some of those  discussions prior to us being there will assist as we talk. 
  • Please have anyone present there who wants to be involved in the process. 

Next Steps

  • If you haven't already, schedule a free 30-minute Genesis Call with us to discuss your project! 
  • Tell us more by filling out this form 
  • Gather inspirational photos
  • Learn about our Design Process
  • Get excited!