Luxury Do-It-Yourself Home Design Plan

What to Expect

Our Luxury DIY Home Design Plan option includes just Phase 1 of our Design Process - we take care of the creative part, then pass off the remaining work for you to complete. You will handle all the ordering, contracting, management, and installation. 

This plan may be best for those who love all the physical elements of their home, but need ideas on how to update or change the style in the best way.

So if you're a serious go-getter with lots of time on your hands, the Luxury DIY Design Plan may be just what you need to get started! If not, let us handle all the details for you { honoring your valuable time } with the Comprehensive Design Plan.

After our Genesis Call & Initial Consultation, we will meet with you in the space with thoughts & inspiration pictures, and discuss the following in greater detail:

  • Color Guidance
  • Ways to bring your desired style in
  • Furniture choices & placement
  • Focal pieces
  • Potential construction points
  • Flooring advice
  • Material choices
  • Drapery & shutters
  • Lighting & accessories

Any additional ideas from our walkthrough will be presented to you in a Project Portfolio for you to run with!

Pricing depends on the scope of the project. RLI works on a per hour design rate, and in this package, you will be purchasing all materials and products yourself. 

Next Steps

  • Fill out this form to tell us more about your project
  • Schedule a Genesis Call with us so we can get to know each other
  • After the Genesis Call, we will schedule our Initial Consultation to see the space and begin to get ideas for the Luxury DIY Design Plan.