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Diane Smith


Principle and Lead Designer, Diane Smith is an Award Winning California Interior Designer known for her passionate approach on life, relationships and design. With over 37 years of experience in the design industry, Diane and her team are known in Southern California for their personalized design in both residential and commercial properties.  

Diane holds a specialized degree in Interior Design and is a professional member of American Society of Interior Designers, A.S.I.D.

Diane has worked effectively with Professional teams of Architects, Builders, Specialists & Owners to achieve their goals to meet the schedule and budget, and exceed their expectations. 

Her enthusiasm for her profession is reflected in her ability to help clients achieve their design goals, influencing lifestyles in both home and office / retail environments. She combines her passionate approach to life with her remarkable design talent. It gives her great pleasure to see her clients embrace their newly designed spaces and how the design impacts the way they view and enjoy their environment. Diane has been the recipient of numerous life- changing testimonies from clients across the country!

Kelly Bergquist

Office Manager and Design Assistant, Kelly Bergquist is........?? 

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"If you're looking for people with friendly attitudes and a great work ethic, look no further than these designers!"

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"This team is known for great quality projects from start to finish. Their customers have nothing but positive things to say."

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"Look no further than this team for your interior decorating needs! They are skilled, professional, and ready to make you happy."

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